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60 day

I have spent 8 years helping everyone from absolute beginners who have never tried to drop body fat or gain muscle all the way to elite professional athletes who compete in physique competitions and everything in between. In my 8 years as a coach I have learned that one thing remains to be unclear for my new clients and that is the disconnect between the game plan and the application of that plan. I have made this first of a series of programs all focused toward dropping body fat at a fast pace. Dropping body fat is a great way to start any goal whether you are looking to add mass maintain or drop even more body fat. I designed this program to help you form new habits and gain momentum that will carry you into having amazing results over time. The response will vary and depending on your ability to dedicate the mental capacity required to reshape the way you look at food and your training. Let’s take the first step to getting the physique you have been working towards. I will teach you my methods and psychology behind diet and training.



I have been an athlete my entire life dedicating myself to the sport of wrestling for over 20 years making it to the NCAA all American level. I have been dropping body fat and manipulating my physique for over 25 years. As an IFBB professional I have extended my knowledge of training and diet and formulated a sustainable way to maintain my physique year round with this program I have built. If you go all in you will get results. Listen to your body and make the calls necessary in the parameters of this Plan to get lasting results.


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